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In a never-ending dialogue…between a place and its destination,
begins the (hi)story of spaces
In a never-ending dialogue…between linings and openings,
moving volumes play/change/evolve
In a never-ending dialogue…between surfaces and details,
(their) tangibility comes true.
In a never-ending dialogue…between context and vision,
answers are debated/questioned/pondered
In a never-ending dialogue…Between us all Architecture is brought to life.
<strong>Bettina Ballus</strong>
Bettina BallusArchitecte Dipl.Ing.Arch. & Associate
<strong>Julia Coquelle</strong>
Julia CoquelleArchitecte D.E HMONP
<strong>Dominique Duloum</strong>
Dominique DuloumManagement assistant
<strong>Ignacio Echeverria</strong>
Ignacio EcheverriaArchitecte HMONP
<strong>Charlotte Elkaïm</strong>
Charlotte ElkaïmArchitecte D.P.LG.
<strong>Daphné Engel Feugère</strong>
Daphné Engel FeugèreArchitecte D.E
<strong>Clara Euler</strong>
Clara EulerCommunication and web officer
<strong>Eylem Fidan</strong>
Eylem FidanArchitecte D.E HMONP
<strong>Célia Horn</strong>
Célia HornArchitecte D.E
<strong>Jessica Javaudin</strong>
Jessica JavaudinArchitecte HMONP
<strong>Charles-Eliot Meyer</strong>
Charles-Eliot MeyerArchitecte HMONP
<strong>Maria Moldoveanu</strong>
Maria MoldoveanuArchitecte D.P.L.G.
<strong>Murielle Monnier</strong>
Murielle MonnierArchitecte D.P.L.G.
<strong>Natalia Orbai</strong>
Natalia OrbaiArchitecte HMONP
<strong>Marie Stephan</strong>
Marie StephanArchitecte HMONP
<strong>Horia Tasca</strong>
Horia TascaArchitecte DE
<strong>Franck Vialet</strong>
Franck VialetArchitecte D.P.L.G. & Associate
<strong>Lucie Weber</strong>
Lucie WeberArchitecte HMONP