Site :
Old Hôpital St Louis site – Évreux (27)
Client :
SHEMA / SPL Évreux Normandie Aménagement
Architecte :
VIB architecture
Engineers :
Quantity surveyor :
Environmental expert :
Fire protection expert :
Surface :
15 000m²
Construction cost :
18 M€ HT
3D :
© IDA+ et VIB


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Winner, Constrution planned from spring 2023.

IFSI nursing school and parking silo on the site of the former St. Louis hospital | Evreux (27)

E3C1 Certification

The agency is the winner of the competition for the construction of an IFSI (nursing school), associated with a parking silo, in downtown Evreux for the SPL Evreux Normandie Aménagement, representing the Eure-Seine Hospital Center and the Evreux Portes de Normandie urban community.

This is one of the first redevelopment projects of the St. Louis hospital site, in a ZAC (Joint Development Zone) designed by the architects and urban planners Philippon Kalt.

The unprecedented combination of these two programs will allow 640 nursing students, nursing assistants, and childcare assistants to be trained each year. At the same time, it will free up parking spaces for the creation of a new public landscaped park.

The nursing profession is a profession that listens to others, to human beings, to life in a broader sense, which inspired us to propose a school that is attentive to its environment, its pulse, and the city in symbiosis with nature.


A room open to the city

The project stands out for its volumetric and architectural treatment common to the two functional entities, the IFSI and the parking garage. However, the building is designed with a global bioclimatic approach and displays a different aspect facing the intersection to the north or the park side to the south.