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Read Franck Vialet’s joint interview in Béton Pluriel #2

21 September 2016 |0 Comments

Carine Merlino organised, coordinated and animated this round table with 3 friends from school, David Devaux, [...]

French Ministers visit EASE project under construction

02 September 2016 |0 Comments

Manuel Valls, French Prime Minister  and Axelle Lemaire, secretary of state in charge of digital [...]

Silos 13 | Solar Wind | All you need to know about the permanent art work by Laurent Grasso on our project Silos 13

11 July 2016 |0 Comments

Since last January, every night, we can see Solar Wind, a permanent art work by [...]

TREIZE URBAIN | Joint interview between VIB architecture and Laurent Grasso

20 June 2016 |0 Comments

In the last issue of Treize Urbain, a double page is dedicated to our project [...]