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Visit of Audition Institute construction site

25 January 2018 |0 Comments

This January 25th, researchers and RIVP where at Audition Institute on 63 rue de Charenton [...]

Happy 2018 !!

01 January 2018 |0 Comments

VIB architecture team wishes all a very beautiful and luminous year !! Centre de [...]

The yearbook by le courrier de l’architecte opens the way to 2018.

29 December 2017 |0 Comments

For its 300th publication, the courrier de l'architecte compils a panorama of French architectural production, and [...]

Inauguration of Neurocampus

29 September 2017 |0 Comments

  We worked 5 year on this project, to design it, coordinate partners, engineerings, builders. [...]