View inside the patio

After one year instruction, building approval was delivered this friday for the Quaero building we’re building for CNRS in Orsay. The project is located in a protected area, “Bois des Rames”, on the edge of the Saclay flats. To obtain this building clearancefor this area, we had to present the project to the “commission des sites” authority (MINISTÈRE DE L’ÉCOLOGIE, DU DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE ET DE L’ÉNERGIE), and wait for a legal delay of one year. The favorable outcome to this long and incertain procedure, allows us to plan for start of construction on 1st semester 2015.
Quaero (“I seek” in Latin) is a collaborative industrial research and innovation program adressing automatic processing of multimedia and multilingual content.  Coordinated by Technicolor, this program gathers 32 French and German public and private partners, leaders in their field of research.

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