On 09.12.14, we were happy to welcome 40 architects and professionals, invited by BETOCIB (*), to visit the Silos 13 project. The light was great and was captured by Laurent Thion. He took great new shots of the project adding to the already great photo collection.

Thanks to CALCIA and UNIBETON for taking the time for the visit while the site was running full pace.

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BETOCIB collection

(*)  Created in 1973, BETOCIB  is a place of information for all construction actors, based in La Defense. Its mission is to promote the aesthetic and technical qualities of architecture of concrete.

[fr] Créé en 1973, BETOCIB est un lieu d’information des professionnels de la construction :

  • Architectes, plasticiens, BET, économistes de la construction (premier collège) ;
  • Fournisseurs de matériaux et matériels (deuxième collège) ;
  • Entreprises et préfabricants (troisième collège) ;
  • Maîtres d’ouvrage (quatrième collège) ;
  • Organismes professionnels (partenaires).

Sa mission est de valoriser la qualité esthétique et technique de l’architecture en béton.


Selected photos from Laurent Thion ©ecliptique.com :

VIB_Silos13_©Laurent Thion_2014-12-09-106584-DSC4110,large.1418405473

Franck Vialet tells the story of the project to about 40 visitors.

VIB_Silos13_©Laurent Thion_2014-12-09-106633-DSC4159,large.1418406610

VIB_Silos13_©Laurent Thion_2014-12-09-106418-DSC5810,large.1418405297

VIB_Silos13_©Laurent Thion_2014-12-09-106352-DSC5744,large.1418405565

VIB_Silos13_©Laurent Thion_2014-12-09-106447-DSC5839,large.1418406645

VIB_Silos13_©Laurent Thion_2014-12-09-2014-12-09-106532-DSC5924,large.1418406226