We celebrated the laying of the foundation stone this Saturday for EASE project we’re building in Illkirsh for the University of Strasbourg. The ceremony was attended by many local actors such as the president of the Alsace Region, the senator and mayor of the city of Illkirsh, the president of the CUS, the president of the University as well as leaders from several private companies that support the project.


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The EASE (European Aseptic & Sterile Environment Training Center) Plant-School project was conceived around concept for training for jobs that take place in white-rooms, on an atypical idea imagined by the University of Strasbourg, Alsace BioValley and several local pharmaceutical companies.

We designed a façade that could exist both during the day and at night, that conveys the idea of a building that is transparent on its bowels, that  shelters highly confined spaces but yet stays open as it is foremost a building to disseminate know-how, not an opaque and closed building that would protect a secret process.

We approached the complex program by giving all users and visitors, work and training spaces that are both comfortable and adapted to the unusual protocols that take place within.

The clean rooms are regrouped on first floor as compact and efficient as possible, and separated from the outer shell. They form the heart of the purpose of this building. To remain flexible, they are laid down on large structure free surfaces.

For each pharmaceutical fabrication module or each laboratory, we can control the pressure, the temperature, the hygrometry, and the numbers of particles. This way we can reproduce the exact physiological and psychological environment of a real pharmaceutical plant.

Around these essential white-rooms, we have designed a peripheral gallery of varying width, to allow for large groups to discover the process from outside, without putting-on the heavy equipment that is required to walk inside the clean-rooms. This gallery was not designed as a plain corridor but as a generous wandering and teaching space, where exchange and interaction is possible. These are largely glazed and open on the rest of the campus.

The scheme is completed by monitoring and teaching rooms to relay and develop the events from the closed part of the building.

The main hall, allows access to data bases and documents as well as two showrooms where private pharmaceutical companies are invited to display and demonstrate equipment’s, and hence take part in the life of the building.

The building was also designed to allow for a future extension of the clean-rooms, on first floor on the south side of the building we’re building, without complex modification of our building and bearing walls on ground floor.

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