Our entry for the Neurosciences project for CEA in Saclay.

vib_CEA_Perspective au milieu de la RD306_cadreImages : ©Ida+

The goals of the program were explicit :

a strong architectural image allowing for a modern, quality environment for people working for research….This Institute for Neurosciences in Paris-Saclay, built in the vicinity of the Neurospin project, will form on the CEA campus in Saclay, the largest Neurosciences complex of the Paris Region (Neurosaclay)…

The construction of this building is an extraordinary opportunity to regroup critical mass of renowned international teams specialized in Neurosciences and give them the means and resources needed to adress the largest issues of knowledge of the brain and its disorders”.

Our proposal aims at transcending the program with respect of the functional and technical aspects, by proposing modern work spaces in symbiosis with the environment of the green belt of the CEA research center.

Another project we would love to build.


vib_CEA_Perspective depuis atrium central.cadre